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This one is for an old friend who has asked for the recommendations about what to do and where to eat in Manali. So, before we begin let us have a brief introduction of Manali:   “The honeymoon capital of India”- Manali is a paradise on earth which is blessed with natural splendor and romance is in the air. With the gorgeous locations and breathtaking sceneries and romantic setup of the place makes it one of the best place for lovers to bloom their romance.   Nestled amidst the snow-capped hills of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges, Manali has…

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Located in Norbulingka, Dharamshala, Losel Doll museum is this small yet beautiful place with a collection of more than 150 traditional Tibetan dolls. I visited here recently and was completely awestruck with the array of emotions these dolls express. The museum is inside the Norbulingka Monastery and there is a small fees of INT 20 for tourists and INR 5 for locals, however, when I reached there, the place was about to close. So, they let me in for no entry fee. Once I entered the museum, I was surprised to see the collection of beautiful Losel dolls clad in…

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This is for the first time I am here in Dharamshala for the monsoon and trust me, I have never seen so much of rain before. In my past I have lived in all the major parts of Himachal Pradesh and enjoyed various seasons. I remember Shimla rains, walks on the Mall Road, those big umbrellas, tea and pokoras with friends and endless chit chats. I also remember monsoon of Nahan, we used to come home drenched after school. Sometimes, just fun we used to splash the muddy water in drains. That was childhood and amazing memories from the past….

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People have been doing bizarre things since forever and there can be no limits to experiences which are out of the box. Keeping in mind the love for atypical, here is a list of few extra ordinary restaurants which are weird in nature because of their themes and if you have that extra liking for the unusual, you must give your taste buds a treat of a bizarre eating experience. Scroll down and check out the list, also, let me know if you have been to any of these: (more…)

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It happened five years back for the first time and it happens every year after that. Yes, visiting Ladakh has become a major part of my life and each year I spend some time exploring the place and find something new. Not only the place, Ladakh, is beautiful, but the road that starts from either Kashmir or Manali to Ladakh, is incredible. Be it Pangong Tso, Stok Kangri, Dha Hanu, main city Leh or Nubra Valley, Ladakh has a lot to offer and you feel so small like a fifth grade student when you look up to the mountains and…

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If you are in Dharamshala or around, a trek to Triund Hill is something you must not miss. The reason is, it is a moderate trek, even if it is for the first time you are planning to trek, you will not have any difficulty. The trail is beautiful and there are amazing plants and trees to help you uplift your mood and energy. It doesn’t matter how long you take to reach the top, but when you are up there you will feel amazing. The view from the Hill top is magnificent with 360 degree view of the mighty…

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Some travel to explore the world, some for business work, some are curious souls who want to discover new things while traveling, however there is a class of people, who travel to burn their extreme cash which is more than annual salary of a common traveler. These are the elite travelers who can afford spending mega bucks for their extreme comfort and luxury. So let us see top five most expensive hotel rooms of the world. Hold your breath and read on: (more…)

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f you are planning a bachelorette party for your best friend and she is an adventure loving damsel, you should plan her bachelorette party in a not so regular way. Select something meaningful that can make her happy. Below are the fun and adventurous ideas to make your friend’s last days of single-hood memorable. (more…)