February 1, 2018 Shivee Sirmauri 0Comment

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

With January 2018 gone, most of our New Year Resolutions are also gone. However, I have stopped making New Year Resolutions but I still dream and plan. With 31 days of 2018 already gone, we all have either started working on our dreams with more power or let go our plans by replacing them with new ones. So, February is the time to fix those undone dreams.

February has always been a special month to me. I live in the mountains and February means snow, faith, hope and more power. It is also the birth month of my father and brother. For me it is the time when I recollect the shattered dreams and try to fix them with some logic and hard work. So, just like all the passed years, I was hopeful for 2018 since mid night of 2017 December 31. Just like each year, I had a feeling that 2018 will bring me good luck and all my dreams will come true, but just like each year I was upset that I was going no where. 

Trust me, this is a common thing that we all make plans and very few get successful. SO, this year I made it a point to work on how some people get to results and others not even get closer to it.

So, here’s some useful information for those who are struggling just like me.

Rule number one: If you want to make your dreams come true, you must have a plan. There are very few people in this world who are born with a golden fate and they say, it is not important to have a plan, this is because they get what exactly what they want. Or wait, they think they have got what they wanted. They are doing the reverse calculations. After reaching to any goal, they think that they think, they never planed for it but still reached, it happened with the grace of God, no hard work or planning etc etc. It is like taking  a random train to some city and reaching there safely and thinking that they had no plan. As I already mentioned, not everyone is as lucky as them, so instead for waiting for the signal, make a plan and when there is a signal, jump in with a plan.

Rule number two: Make plans which are doable. I know we love to think big and plan bigger. I have done that too. I remember making this resolution of losing weight. I know it is a classic, and the stress of losing those extra pounds makes us more stressful and we end up eating those burgers, fries and ice creams and draining them with Coke, yes I have done that all. So, this time I have stopped running behind such goals which are not reachable for me. I have started working on simple lifestyle changes instead of weight loss goals. I have made it a priority to change my eating habits and some lifestyle changes like more walks than car rides, replacing those Coke cravings with black coffee and green tea. Basically, I am fooling myself to reach my goal. You too can trick your mind. When we treat our self harshly, we become rebellious and harm our own self. Also, I have started a very nice habit which is my rule number three.

Rule number three: OK, so I have learned from my past that it is actually helpful if we document everything that we do. I am a thirty something and I have this habit of forgetting things. SO, I have started writing things day wise. Everyday, I keep a record of the money I spent, I keep the bills I get from the stores, things I have done in the entire day, be it watching TV, playing some game on my phone or surfing the internet or time I have spent on my work and I like to write what I ate. So, that makes me know what I am doing with my life and I have the answers of all the stupid questions that pop up in my mind. Like where the hell is my money running? Why am I gaining weight? Why is that I get these headaches or Why am I not able to meet the deadlines? Yes it is solving my basic problems. It just takes a few minutes and it really works.

Rule number four: Figure out the reason behind every thing that troubles you and stops you from reaching the goal. If you have had any issues like me, you can easily find the solutions. I have a trouble in keeping my finances in track. So, researched a lot and what I found was really shocking. It is not me, but the workers I have kept for doing household jobs. They waste a lot of electricity. They keep the geysers on even when it is not required, they waste kitchen supplies and misuse the resources. So, I have to pay extra money for those damages. It gives me a high blood pressure and because of that I get sick and it effects my productivity at work. SO, I made it clear to everyone that I am not going to pay for the losses. So, far it is working. I have learned this from my past and I am working on it with full enthusiasm. I keep a record of everything as I mentioned in rule number three. Also, my goal is to save money and if I control every extra expenditure, I will reach my goal.

Rule number five: It is never too late. Even if you have missed January 2018, you have a lot of time. 11 months, yes 11 months to reach your goal and you can reach there even before that if you stick to the plan. Stop wasting time and start working on what you have planned. By the way, while writing this article I have already wasted a lot of time in surfing TV, watching some random YouTube  videos, eating pop corns and drinking hot water. And then I suddenly realized that I should stop wasting my time. I have already wasted 31 days of this year and a lot of days from many many past years. Last year, I had this goal of blogging twice a week, which changed to one post a week, one post a month to never open the blog. This time I am not going to let the writers block become a hurdle in my way. Also, these distractions I have cause a lot of damage to anything I do. So, I am going to work on it. You too plan things and figure out the distractions and work on the things which distract you or keep you away from the goals. Kill everything that comes the way. So, I finished eating every single piece of pop corn and while drinking the loveliest black tea with a tint of ginger, I am starting again. By the way, this tea smells like heaven and it is really tasty.

Rule number Six: One thing at a time. I have recently started a new venture and I have put almost all my savings on that. My goal is to make it happen.  Apart from that new venture, I have my content writing work to do, a cottage that I run in a hill station, a travel agency, and a lot of extra things that I do. These multiple things look really very attractive and these things hamper my productivity. So, this time I am taking everything one by one. I have not made any time table, because I know it is not going to work for me, but I do not indulge myself on everything. For example opening multiple sites on my computer and wasting time. Now i open my Gmail and reply or compose mails, then check my Facebook and twitter. When I am blogging, I do not open any extra tab. The same rule applies to everything that I do. Multitasking, I still practice but I make sure not to mix and confuse things.  SO, yes one thing at a time. You can apply this rule to anything you do, like house hold chores, office work etc.

I hope this article is useful for you and if you have any questions, please feel free to share in the comments. Don’t forget February is the beginning of new dreams. SO, keep dreaming, make plans, work hard, do not waste time or let things block your way. Figure out the hurdles and reach the goals.


Thanks for reading!