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  1. Cleaning the water-poof mascara is no more an issue:

It stays for long, and makes your eyes look great even if you cry; yes we are talking about the waterproof mascara. It has amazing staying power but it harms the eye lashes once we try to remove it. It glues up with the eyelashes and while struggling to remove it, can cause damage to eye lashes. To avoid this, what you can do is, apply a layer of regular mascara before applying the waterproof mascara. It will avoid the direct contact of eyelashes with the waterproof mascara and it will be easier to remove.

  1. Keep the rosy glow on your cheek throughout the day:

If you think that by the end of the day your blush fades away and you lose the charm, here is the tip number two. All you have to do is after applying a moisturizer or cream, brush your cheeks with cream based rouge. After this apply the regular foundation and brush off your cheeks with the powder blush. It will keep you look fresh and rosy, even if the top layer of the makeup fades away.

  1. Never use your fingers to apply foundation:

Yes, you read it correctly. Never use your fingers to apply the foundation because the oils in the foundation will get mingled with the oils of your skin which will make a layer between skin and foundation and the makeup will not last for long. Instead, use a sponge pad or a brush which is especially designed to apply foundation. It will help the foundation to stay for long.

  1. Easy trick to make your eye-shadow stay for long:

Most of the ladies complain that before the end of the evening or occasion, the magical beauty of their eye-shadow is all gone. If you too want to avoid such a make-up disaster, make sure to apply a cream eye-shadow on your eye lids and then dust it off with the same shade of eye-shadow which is in powder form. Make sure to use the same shades of eye-shadows. It will conceal your eye-shadow and will not make it look discolored by the end of the day.

  1. Conceal the makeup smartly:

No doubts a layer of translucent powder helps in keeping the makeup set for a longer duration, but, if you will apply it around your eyes, it will highlight the fine lines and can even accentuate the wrinkles. You can do a better thing, use mattifier instead of translucent power and with the help of a concealer brush you can apply it near the eyes. It will help your make-up stay for long because the mattifier will absorb the oils which can melt away the concelaer.


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