September 5, 2019 Shivee Sirmauri 0Comment

You helped me learn and inspired me to be what I am today. A teacher is just not a profession but a melting pot where amalgamation of knowledge and experience takes place. A source of kindness and love, a person who gives more than ever. My special thanks and gratitude to my parents who were educators, Laxmi Rana Amma, my love for books and literature is because of you. No matter how much I hated studies, I am a keen learner and double postgraduate because of the motivation you always gave, and thank you Baba- Bedi Sir, for everything. Whenever I am in doubt, I close my eyes and think, how good it is for the society and community. You gave the lessons of service and selflessness, that till date I remember. You trained me well when it comes to self-confidence and empowering others to make a wonderful world. I dream big because I was always told not to settle for less. I am confident and fearless because I was always treated like a fierce Lioness. Thank you Amma and Baba. Today on Teachers’ Day I have so many thoughtful memories of how we used to role-play being teachers. When I was in class 9, I was playing Mrs. Kalra, a beloved teacher of mine from childhood. I wore my cousin sister’s dress because I had no salwar kameez, I wore lipstick for the first time and before entering school I rubbed it off. That was one fine day when I realized how difficult it is to deal with students and their shenanigans. Being one of the notorious students from the school, it made me realize how tough it is to be smiling and not losing calm at the innocent questions of the naughty souls. I would sit in Himalaya House just for Mrs. Deepshikha Pandey Ma’am because she was and is adorable. Whenever, which was quite seldom, Mrs. Rawat used to praise me, I used to feel the Emily Bronte in me, however Mrs. Meenu Babbar Ma’am was never happy with my mathematical skills, which are till date unreasonable, and no wonder I barely scored in Math, we never got along, but I liked it when she used to shun me and give me rolling eyes for wearing nail polish on my long nails, it wasn’t acceptable in my school. Mrs. Attri, the Social Science teacher was quite kind to me and our Hindi teacher Mrs. Gautam had a pity corner for a poor student like me, I think she loved me. She introduced me to the spellings and other Hindi Grammar stuff that still goes overhead, I was that poor. Shashi Padha Ma’am you were always kind and helpful and you did that with so much grace, last year I shared a complete post on how you inspired me in my childhood and how I always remember the lessons of being truthful. You are a blessing in my life and I am happy that I met you at the very early stage of my life.Rosy Ma’am would be so proud of me today, as I am doing so many handicrafts with the rural women of Himachal, but when I was in school, I couldn’t paint or make my art and craft assignment myself, my sister used to do that! Charu Kansal Ma’am, I remember you giving us lectures on Economics and as per my zero skills, I was blank each time I was asked anything, but today, I feel you were really amazing in it and I do study it myself to manage my startup. Each time I learn something, it resonates with childhood and I thank you. Manoj Kumar Chandel Sir tried hard to teach me Biology but I was a dreamer learning Shakespeare and Dickens instead of Charles Darwin, Chemistry was always a mystery but I remember how Alok Katoch sir challenged me and I finally scored quite good marks in 12th, Physics was like Dark Comedy and so was my score. I also remember Nandini Ma’am from the junior wing and how impressive she was. My love for my first ever teacher Mrs. Mann can never be less, give a hug and a kiss to her Mehak Mann and tell her that I love her and till date, I try to imitate her style. ARMY school Nahan wasn’t just a phase but something that makes me feel proud of. When I was in college and university, I was quite a haughty, for no particular reason. I am so glad that I got a chance to learn from eminent personalities like Ma’am Rajni Walia and Ma’am Pankaj and that grounded me. However, I never got a chance to be your student Ajai Srivastava sir, but Umang foundation and your service to society always inspired me. It brings out the kindness and the urge of helping people. During the HPU Mass Comm days, my mentor Dr. Vikas Dogra trained me well with the journalistic skills and till today, I call him up and he understands the level of soup in which I am drowned. Apart from being a professor, he is a great friend and a person I can count on in time of adversity. Thank you for trying the first batch of soaps that I made and encouraging me in the early days of Unbox Himachal Valley when I had no clue on how to jump from hotelier to social enterprise. Thank you for being such great support, you help to keep the crazy in me alive dear sir. Also, I would like to thank my instructors from Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports, Mangal Singh sir, Surbhi ma’am, Yash Pal Singh Negi Sir, Muzaffar Lone sir, and Atanu Dhar sir for the lessons of Mountains and life. Teachers’ day is a special occasion in my life and I am grateful to the universe that in this life, I got a chance to meet such amazing souls. Cheers!! And Happy Teachers’ Day. I am a little bit of each one of you.