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First of all, this is not a paid review. A month back Glam Roots on Instagram followed me after few conversations; they sent me a pack of three face packs to use. Usually, I don’t experiment with my skin because I have really sensitive skin, but the products were herbal and I don’t mind using herbal products. So, I agreed and I used all three face packs. Also, I am very fond of writing genuine reviews so I thought of using all the face packs and I also gave some to my cousins.


Why I am in love with the Meryl Face Packs:

Number One: It helps in preserving the skin moisture and keeps your face look naturally glowing.

Number Two: It helps in restoring fairness and removes tan.

Number Three: It really works on lightning pimple marks and dark pigmentation

Number Four: It helps in smoothing the skin texture and makes face look radiant and nourished.

Number Five: It gives a soothing and relaxing effect.

Number Six: It is herbal and has no side effects on sensitive skin.

Number Seven: It rejuvenates skin and makes it look fresh and young.

More about the product:


Each of the face packs came in beautiful packaging and most of the product description was mentioned on the label. There were 15 sachets of herbal powder in each of the pack along with manual and small bottles of almond oil and honey.

How to apply:

As per the manual which came with the pack, with each sachet of the herbal mix, I added a few drops of almond oil, honey, tomato juice and milk. After it dried, I cleaned it with a sponge and towel dried my face.

The Effect:

As, I live in Manali, which is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, we have a lot of skin dryness problem because of the cold climatic conditions. Even though I have an oily skin which is sensitive and I also have problem of pimples, my face is mostly dry after washing with my regular face wash. Applying cold creams makes my complexion look darker and I get pimples because of the greasiness. After using the Meryl herbal face pack, my skin was soft and clean, without any dryness. I think it was because of the almond oil and honey in the face pack paste. Even after two days of application, I felt the shine and softness on my face. It was really amazing. I used Be Radiant as the first face pack. Later, after a week I tried To Blush, when I had to attend wedding and I really felt the glow. I tried I am Bliss few days back and trust me, I was really happy to see the light pimple marks on my face gone. I am going to use these face packs in future as well, because the regular face packs make my skin dry and I have tried almost all the home remedies to keep my skin glowing, but all in vain. I do get temporary effects with my own home made face packs but nothing lasts for more than few hours. However, the Meryl Face Pack range gives a long lasting effect. It’s been a month I am using these and I totally love it.

How I felt after using each of the Face Packs:

Be Radiant: I don’t usually keep a good health because of my poor eating habits. Most of you, who read my blog know that I am anemic. So, my face is mostly pale and I also have pimple problem. After suing the Be Radiant face pack, my skin looks better. The pimple marks are really light and pimples are also controlled. The face pack also helped me in getting rid of the dryness and dead cells. It truly gave a nice glow to my face.

To Blush: I used this face pack a day before my cousin sister’s wedding and trust my words, my face was soft, smooth and naturally moisturized. The main ingredient of the face pack is rose petals which gave me a beautiful blush and since my skin is sensitive, I got no rash, pimples or any other side effect after using it. If you too have a sensitive skin, you must try this one.

I am Bliss: It contains Vitamin C and antioxidants which are amazing in rejuvenating skin. It gave me a relaxing effect and made my face look smooth and fairer than before. My pimple marks were also lightened with this face pack. If you too have any scars or marks on your face, you should try this one.

Some other users from the family:

So, here’s what my cousin sister Gauri has to say:

“After my son, Vedic, was born, I had some pigmentation on my face. Even though it wasn’t very dark, but it made me worry. I have used the regular face packs in the past but after using Meryl’s Be Radiant, my face looks really good. The pigmentation is lighter than before and I like it.”


Yankita, my cousin sister after trying I am Bliss Face Pack:

“I love using herbal products and after trying I am Bliss face pack I feel lovely. Most of the companies claim to use no chemicals but they still do, however this Meryl Face Pack is a mix of herbs and its application involves milk, honey and almond oil, the beauty essentials we must use. The natural fragrance and texture of the face pack is amazing and I like it.”

With Love- Yankita

Jack used Be Radiant and he is a fan:

“I like to experiment with various face products and I used it just like that. However, after using the Be Radiant face pack from Meryl, I like it a lot. Totally awesome!”


Ishan tried I am Bliss:

“I am a mountaineer and I love bouldering. Staying in sun for long has given me tan. Never thought using a face pack will help me lighten the tan. I don’t use beauty products in general, but when my cousin sister gave me this face pack to try, I liked it a lot. It is nice for people who don’t really use much of beauty products in daily routine. I feel clean and my skin is glowing.”


Kim, the Bride used Be Radiant:

“It is said that brides should not experiment with beauty products because of the side effects, but when my cousin sister asked me to use the Be Radiant face pack, I did. A day before the wedding, I used the face pack and it was absolutely safe and I got no side effects. The softness it gave to my face and the glow was absolutely natural. Elder sisters are always right!”



Be Radiant: INR 570

To Blush: INR 595

I am Bliss: INR 545

You can check the website Here!

You can buy the Face Packs from Here!


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