August 13, 2017 Shivee Sirmauri 0Comment

I am a 30+single woman and I have always been very active and energetic in the past.  I am curious by nature and I love to travel. For me it is hard to stay at one place for more than a month. I have no permanent job, so I support my travel and living through freelancing. That makes me work for odd long hours and because of my low skills on organizing my routine; I have a messy schedule for everything including food, sleep, and drinking enough water. Since some months, I was feeling tired all the time and I had no mood to get out of my room. Nothing was inspiring me and I was always looking for excuses to lock myself inside my room because I think I don’t have energy to talk or listen to what people say. Sometimes, just to finish a conversation, I agree to whatever people say. I thought it was happening because of stress and workload.

It was a week ago when I visited my parents. I told my mother about some pain in my wrist while I was helping her in kitchen. I wasn’t able to lift even the lightest vessels on the shelf. That was the time. My mother scolded me for not keeping a check on my health and when she starts talking, I don’t know how, she links everything with the one thing that she wants me to do. This time, it was visiting the hospital. I was told to tell each and every detail about my wrist, head, feet, nails and what not, to the doctor. So the next morning, I went to the Hospital.

Since there was no rush on the hospital queue, my turn came after two minutes of my arrival. A gentle lady doctor was smiling at me and she asked, “What happened?”

I wasn’t sure from where to start, because according to what my mother told me, there was a long list of things to tell. I started with the wrist. I told her about the pain and in past two doctors had diagnosed me with two different medical situations. One of the doctors said, it was dislocation of wrist and the other one said, it was degeneration of bones. I was confused so I stopped visiting doctors.

After that I told her about my sinus which is not ending since last three months and then the headache and the strange lines on my nails. The doctor was really sweet to listen whatever I was speaking with full patience and smile.  Before she started writing on my medical slip, I told her that my mother demands all the blood tests to be done.  Doctor knew my mother (perks of living in a small town) and she wrote all the tests to be done. I gave my blood sample and I was asked to revisit after three hours.

So that was the test result time. I was as nervous as ever. I am never afraid of tests, but the result makes me crazy. So, the result was in my hands and I visited the doctor again. After reading everything properly, she marked few things and looked at me. She told me about the results and I left the hospital with a really sad expression.

As per my blood test report, my uric acid and triglycerides were more than normal. Blood sugar level and calcium were lower than normal and there was this really strange thing. My hemoglobin was 7.7, that is really low for a 14 times blood donor (I was really shattered), RBC count was low and according to the reports my blood has started to become thick and it can cause a lot of trouble.

In just a few minutes everything started flashing in front of my eyes. I was always feeling dizzy and tired since some months and I was ignoring that. When I get up in the morning, I never feel fresh; instead I feel blackouts and numbness. When I sit on chairs for as long as ten minutes, I feel pins and needles and I am irritated at almost everything. This is all happening because my body is facing troubles. I would have ignored these signs and thought- it is just a phase, maybe I am depressed or stressed, and who isn’t? But my mother insisted me to visit a doctor and after the checkups and tests, I know the reason behind my low level of energy and lack of motivation.

This is my request to each one of you- Please take care of yourself. Life is precious and you all are special. After a certain age, our body starts getting weak and if we will not take care of it, we will cause a damage to it. Our body shows a reaction for everything that is going wrong, it shows the signs. Do not ignore the signs, make sure to keep a track of your health and do what makes your life peaceful and healthy!